Paul Christian Marblehead Lead Guitarist Passed Away

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Friday, March 17, 2023, is a sad day for the Rock and Roll industry, as we mourn the loss of Paul Christian and pay tribute to him for his immense amount of talent. Paul Christian was one of the most revered lead guitarists from Marblehead, Massachusetts who made a huge impact on many lives over his career in music. His unique style was unmistakable and he left a lasting impression on all who heard him play. He will be remembered fondly by family, friends, colleagues, and fans alike as a truly one-of-a-kind musician. Read to know more about his life…

About Paul Christian?

Paul Christian’s captivating journey as a lead guitarist began in his hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts, where he attended Marblehead High School. As a talented musician, he showcased his impressive skills at The New Alibis as part of the Class of 2009, garnering admiration from his bandmates and fans alike.

However, he was much more than just a musician; Paul held a prestigious position as the chief mate at Centerline Logistics, overseeing various aspects of the cargo and freight industry, and eventually, he commanded the respect of his colleagues in his triumphant career as a captain at Hornblower Group. A testament to his hard work and dedication, Paul continued to call Marblehead, Massachusetts his home throughout his remarkable life.

Although Paul Christian won’t be performing on stage in Marblehead anymore, his legacy will live on through his skillful lead guitar performances. The local music scene has suffered greatly from the loss of such an incredible musician. Paul’s melodies, though now only found in memories, will remain a part of the collective hearts and minds of Marblehead for many years to come. In honor of his life and career, let us all take a moment to recognize this talented artist’s contributions to our community. He helped shape our culture and gave unending joy with his music. May he rest in peace and may we never forget him.

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