Pittsburgh Missing Woman Found Alive After 30 Years in Puerto Rico

Pittsburgh residents were in for a shock when it was recently announced that Patricia Kopta, a woman missing for more than 30 years, had been found alive in Puerto Rico.

Patricia Kopta, also known as “The Sparrow”, was reported missing from her Ross Township home back in 1989. Patricia’s husband Bob Kopta said she had some mental health issues and talked about wanting to go to Puerto Rico where it was warm. He spent years searching for her by putting advertisements down in the paper in Puerto Rico looking for her. 

However, after 31 years have gone by, the mystery of her disappearance has finally been solved. It turns out that Patricia had been living under a different name in Puerto Rico all this time. She had managed to build a new life while avoiding any contact with her family and friends back home. 

When asked why she hid herself away for so long, Patricia replied that she simply wanted to start over and escape the troubles of her past life. She also revealed that she had no intention of ever returning to Pittsburgh and is happy with the life she has built for herself in Puerto Rico. 

Bob Kopta expressed his gratitude at being able to locate his wife after such a long search. Despite the fact that he hasn’t seen Patricia since 1989, he says he still loves her deeply and wishes nothing but happiness for her future.

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