Police Dog Stabbed with a Screwdriver After Trying to Save his Handler: Watch Leaked Video

A heroic police dog named Rusty was stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver by a man who was allegedly trying to attack his handler in Adelaide. A video of the incident where the dog is being taken to the vet after being stabbed with a screwdriver leaked online and is getting viral on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

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Netizens are appreciating the dog for his brave and selfless act while the person who stabbed the dog is getting cursed. Fortunately, the dog is going well but he will likely lose an eye. We have shared the latest health update on Rusty, the dog, below.

Police Dog Stabbed with a Screwdriver in Eye: What Happened?

South Australian police were called to the Adelaide suburb of Fenton just before 2 AM on Thursday on reports of two men allegedly trying to break into cars and homes. Upon reaching there, they caught a 42-year-old man near Arnold Close Street.

However, the police were told that there is another suspect who jumped into an SUV and headed to Noblet Street. An officer along with his dog, Rusty, went to chase the burglar on foot and they found the man riding an SUV around 4 AM.

When the police officer confronted the man, he pulled out a screwdriver and tried to attack him with it. He allegedly made multiple attempts to stab the officer but Rusty, the dog, saved him by biting off the burglar. The officer received a minor injury to his hand in the incident.

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Fortunately, the officer’s dog, Rusty, saved himself from the screwdriver attack by biting the burglar. More police arrived at the scene and caught the 27-year-old man before he could deal any more damage. The two burglars were sent into custody.

How is the Dog that got stabbed in the eye with a Screwdriver now?

The dog that got stabbed with a screwdriver was rushed to the hospital to get treatment for the injuries. The vets started treating him and he was behaving really well, just like the good boy he is. Fortunately, the dog is alive and doing well.

According to the vets, the dog didn’t have any major injuries. He went through regular checkups and was declared fine. The dog and the officer came back to the streets for regular patrolling after the scary incident.

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The only good thing is that neither the dog nor the officer got severely injured due to the screwdriver stabbing incident. The burglar was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he got treated for dog bite injuries. He had been charged with multiple sections.

Dog Stabbed with Screwdriver Video Leaked on Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, etc
A video of an innocent dog named Pooch getting stabbed with a screwdriver went viral on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and other social media platforms recently. It’s believed the person who did the heinous act of stabbing a defenseless being with a sharp object was a burglar.

After distressing countless netizens, the video was taken down from social media platforms. The latest act is being confused with the above-shared incident of the police dog Rusty who got stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver by a burglar.

check video here

However, the two incidents are reportedly different. We have tried looking up the video for our readers but it has been taken down. There is no point in searching for the same. Instead, we have found the clip of the dog getting treatment at Bondi Vet.

Is the Dog stabbed with a Screwdriver in the leaked video alive?

Yes, the dog that got stabbed with a screwdriver in the video leaked on Twitter, Reddit, etc, is alive and getting treatment for his injuries at the vet. People on the internet are trying to look up the identity of the person who was injured in this dreadful act of animal abuse.

Once we find any information about him, we will update this section. If you know anything important about the incident, please share it in the comments, so the necessary action could be taken against the monstrous person.

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One tweet claims that the dog passed away after getting stabbed with a screwdriver. The user paid respect to the dog by writing RIP and praying for its well-being. However, it’s not confirmed if the report is true or simply made up.

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Recently, such distressing acts against animals are on the rise. Just a few days ago, a gore-filled video of a cat in a blender went viral on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, the cat died in the incident.

If you find any such acts online or offline, please report them to the dedicated authorities. Animals are innocent and they must be saved from such heartless acts.

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