Poughkeepsie Shooting Today: Gunfire Erupts at Mobil Gas Station, City Hall on Lockdown

Poughkeepsie, NY – A shooting incident occurred today at the Mobil gas station across from City Hall in Poughkeepsie, prompting a swift response from multiple law enforcement agencies. At around 11 a.m., at least five gunshots were heard, leading to a lockdown of Poughkeepsie City Hall. One individual present at the gas station parking lot was apprehended by responding officers and taken to police headquarters for questioning.

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Gunfire Erupts at Mobil Gas Station

Gunshots rang out at the Mobil gas station located near Poughkeepsie City Hall earlier today. The exact details surrounding the incident are still being investigated. Initial reports suggest that the gunfire may be connected to an event that occurred at the municipal court earlier in the day. Fortunately, no injuries or fatalities have been reported as a result of this incident.

City Hall on Lockdown

In response to the shooting at the Mobil gas station, Poughkeepsie City Hall was placed under lockdown as a precautionary measure. The safety of employees and visitors within the vicinity is of utmost importance, prompting the deployment of law enforcement officers to ensure security and conduct necessary investigations. The lockdown will remain in effect until the situation is deemed safe

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