Preston Hanson and Mason Ellis Missing in Morro Bay: Urgent Search Underway

In a development that has left the Morro Bay community deeply worried, two 13-year-old boys, Preston Hanson and Mason Ellis, are still missing. The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that they ran away from home on Tuesday after skipping school. The search for the boys is ongoing, with the community rallying together in hopes of their safe return.

Preston Hanson Missing, What Actually Happened?

As reported by a family friend on Facebook, Preston Hanson and Mason Ellis were last spotted around 6 p.m. on Tuesday near Highway 41 and Quintana Road in Morro Bay. Since then, no further contact has been made or sightings reported, leading to an escalating sense of concern within the community and among law enforcement.

Preston Hanson is described as having shoulder-length golden blond hair and green eyes, while Mason Ellis is said to have short brown hair and blue eyes. Photos shared on social media have further aided in identifying the boys during the search efforts.

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Attention Los osos and slo county friends. These pictures were sent to me by a friend because his son is friends with these boys. From what I’ve been told Mason Ellis is missing as of last night he has not had contact with anyone. He was last seen with the other boy in these pics Preston Hanson. Please if you live in the local area keep your eyes peeled for him and share this. Thank you. If you have any info please contact the sheriff or slo PD.

Community Response and Ongoing Search

The disappearance of Preston Hanson and Mason Ellis has brought the Morro Bay community together in an unprecedented way. Residents have joined forces with law enforcement, sharing information, spreading the word, and assisting in the search where possible. The hope is that the combined efforts will result in the safe return of the boys.

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Hey friends based in or connected to CA, I have a favor to ask. A former classmate of mine has just reported her son missing. Can you please help spread the word? They are from the Morro Bay/Los Osos area. Here’s some additional info from mom, Jensine Hanson.Pleading for help. They’ve been gone since before midnight. Talk to your kids if they go to any schools in the area please. Any info could help us bring our boys home. We are pretty sure they’re both in all black clothing. Preston has a black/great camo backpack with red NIKE stitched on. So many people asking what they can do: take a drive in your neighborhood and look for them if you can, please. Thank you for sharing this info.

The situation remains critical, with the community and law enforcement working tirelessly to locate Preston Hanson and Mason Ellis. As the search continues, the entire Morro Bay community holds its breath, praying for the safe return of the missing boys.

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