Pretoria Woman Thato Mogotsi Died After Going Missing: Cause of Death and Details

Thato Tebatso Mogotsi, the 29-year-old Pretoria woman, who was missing for the past few days has reportedly found dead in Ga-Rankuwa. Read on to learn how Thato Mogotsi died, what happened to her, and what was the cause of her death.

A couple of days back, it was reported that Mogotsi was safe and there is no need to worry about her. However, it turned out to be a piece of false news. The latest reports suggest that the young lady’s dead body has been found.

Thato Tebatso Mogotsi Went Missing: What Happened?

29-year-old woman from Pretoria, Thato Tebatso Mogotsi, went missing from Ga-Rankuwa, a city in South Africa. A search probe was launched for the young lady and the local police made every effort to fine her at the earliest.

The community was also helping in the search and praying for her safety. A couple of days back, a report was published by Ga-Rankuwa Mail, a local news outlet, that Thato Mogotsi safe and there is no further need to worry about her.

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It was also reported that she was abducted and contacted her family to update them. However, no further details about the alleged abduction were revealed. The motive behind the incident was also kept private.

Thato Mogotsi Reportedly Died Yesterday

The latest update from Ga-Rankuwa Mail, the news outlet that earlier reported that Thato Mogotsi is safe, states that she passed away yesterday. They didn’t share any further details about the tragic death of 29-year-old Thato Mogotsi.

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They also stated that the family of Thato Mogotsi will share more details later. The comment section of the viral social media post is full of concerned and confused users. No one is able to accept the distressing news of Thato Mogotsi’s death.

Is Thato Mogotsi dead?

Unfortunately, yes. Thato Mogotsi, 29, of Pretoria, died this past weekend after going missing for the past few days. The report of her death was initially shared by the Ga-Rankuwa Mail on Facebook with a picture of her.

It was later confirmed by friends and family members of Thato Tebatso Mogotsi who started sharing tributes to the deceased. She is also trending on social media right now.

“I don’t understand Thato Tebatso Mogotsi……..chomi please c’mon💔,” wrote Neo Pinky, a close friend of Thato Mogotsi from Pretoria.

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“Rest easy …gone too soon
💔 Thato Tebatso Mogotsi,” wrote Bongani Skosana on Facebook.

Several other tributes and prayers have emerged on social media platforms following the untimely death of Thato Mogotsi. She will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her. Her impact will always be felt on their lives.

Who was Thato Tebatso Mogotsi?

Thato Tebatso Mogotsi was a 29-year-old woman from Pretoria, South Africa. She was born and brought up in Mamelodi, Gauteng. She completed her education from a local middle school and then went to the regional high school.

Thato Mogotsi recently got married and moved to Pretoria. She was pretty famous on Facebook and had over 1.1k followers. She often shared updates from her life on social media platforms.

Who killed Thato Mogotsi?

An investigation is launched in the apparent abduction and murder of Thato Tebatso Mogotsi. The police are currently looking for clues and evidence to reach the suspect. No information about them is available at this time.

The incidents of femicide have significantly gone up in South Africa lately. Every four hours, a woman is murdered in the country. Unfortunately, many of the incidents go unreported, so the real figures could be much higher than the reported ones.

The femicide rate in South Africa is five times higher than the global average according to The Centre for Constitutional Rights, a human rights organization. Thato Mogotsi was the latest victim of the heinous phenomenon.

Our heartfelt condolences go to her family and friends. May God let her soul rest in peace. This is a developing story. We’ll keep adding the latest updates here.

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