Randy Gonzalez Enky Father died: Know everything about him

Randy Gonzalez, a 35-year-old Tiktoker popularly known as the father in the famous TikTok duo “Enky Boys,” passed away untimely on Wednesday, January 25, 2022, while in hospice care. The news of Randy Gonzalez’s death has left the whole TikTok community completely devastated, and they are mourning the loss of the father from the TikTok duo “Enky Boys.”

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Keep reading this article to learn more about the father from Enky Boys; Randy Gonzalez, his personal life, how he died, and much more!

Who was Randy Gonzalez? Know about his personal life

Randy Gonzalez was a 35-year-old man from the Houston area who was best known as the father of the popular TikTok duo “Enky Boys,” as he used to post hilarious content on the platform with his son, Brice. Alongside Brice, Randy has two other children, Aubree and Lauren, with his beautiful wife, Kimberly.

The Enkyboys pair started their TikTok journey in November 2019 and have been getting media attention since then. Due to their popularity on TikTok, the duo got the opportunity to appear on “Good Morning America.” The platform has helped this father-son duo get a great deal of success and has given them opportunities to take a further step in the entertainment industry.

Social media details

Being a well-known name on TikTok, the Enkyboys duo has a good amount of followers across all their social handles. Their Instagram handle, @enkyboys, is under the name of the duo’s father. Randy Gonzalez. The handle has around 1.5 million followers and a total of 910 posts. The most recent post on this Instagram handle was on December 17, 2022, and it has over 45,000 likes.

How did Randy Gonzalez die?

In April 2022, Randy Gonzalez revealed that he was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer and that his doctor told him that he only had two to three years to live. Following this announcement, Gonzalez and his son Brice used their social media accounts to raise awareness about this disease.

According to reports, the 35-year-old Randy Gonzalez, a father of three, passed away on Wednesday morning, January 25, 2022, while in hospice care. He was battling colon cancer for a long time, and this horrific disease eventually became the cause of his death.

Tributes pour in for Randy Gonzalez

Expressing condolences on Randy Gonzalez’s passing, a Twitter user shared a tributary post on her Twitter handle, @heavenlytorres. The tweet reads, “Rest in Paradise” to Randy Gonzalez, the father of TikTok duo “Enkyboys,” after his battle with cancer. “Sending my deepest condolences and prayers to the family.”

Another user expressed his gratitude to the late Randy Gonzalez for the laughs he provided through Enkyboys. The user wrote, “Heavenly rest to Randy Gonzalez, the father of the “Enky Boys.” Thank you for the laughs.” “Prayers up for his family.”

We also share our heartfelt sympathies with the family members, friends, and all those known to Randy Gonzalez on his untimely demise. His death is a huge loss for his family, especially his wife and children, and we pray to the Almighty to give him the strength to pass through this difficult time.

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Who was Randy Gonzalez?

Randy Gonzalez was a 35-year-old Tiktoker who was popularly known as the father in the famous TikTok duo “Enky Boys.” The duo consisted of Randy and his son Brice, and they used to upload hilarious content on their TikTok handle.

How did Randy Gonzalez die?

Randy Gonzalez, who was the father in the famous TikTok duo “Enky Boys,” passed away on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 35 years of age, after a long-fought battle against colon cancer.

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