Rapper Angie Oeh Dead at 24: Her Cause of Death Explained

A dark cloud looms over the South African music scene today. The country woke up to devastating news – rap superstar Angie Oeh has passed away at the tender age of 24 after a brief battle with lung cancer.

Born Angelique Greeff in Pretoria in 1999, Angie burst onto the Afrikaans rap scene in 2019 with her unique vocal style and introspective lyrics. Her rise to fame was meteoric, with hits like “Dis Jou Wyfie” and “Sex in Afrikaans” introducing her signature “mumble rap” sound to legions of fans.

But Angie was more than just a rapper – she was a cultural force and an inspiration to many. Her openness about her sexuality and identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community broke down barriers in the predominantly conservative Afrikaans music industry. She empowered others to embrace their true selves through her music and activism.

As the nation mourns, we take a look back at Angie Oehs remarkable life and career:

A Star Is Born

Angie’s musical journey began as a teenager in her bedroom, writing lyrics and recording songs on a small setup. While her early tracks were in English, she soon found her voice rapping in her native language of Afrikaans.

Angie Oeh1

Her first Afrikaans rap “Dis Jou Wyfie” dropped online in 2019 and immediately caught fire. The track showcased her laidback flow and captivating presence, setting her apart from others in the growing Afrikaans hip hop scene. Its overwhelming success online led to her first major label record deal.

Rising Success

Over the next two years, Angie Oeh cemented herself as a rising star in South African music. She collaborated with established acts like Jack Parow and Francois Van Coke while headlining her own sold-out shows. Songs like “Sex in Afrikaans” highlighted her skillful wordplay and raw charisma.

But it was 2021’s viral hit “Sex in Afrikaans” that propelled her into the stratosphere. The tongue-in-cheek track highlighting female empowerment became her first number one hit, turning her into a household name. Its unprecedented success introduced “mumble rap” into the Afrikaans mainstream for the first time.

A Fearless Voice

While her music was a revelation, Angie’s impact extended beyond just hits and streams. Her willingness to embrace her identity as a gay woman in a conservative industry made her a role model. She gave a voice to the LGBTQ+ community in South Africa through her unfiltered lyrics and media presence.

“I won’t apologize for who I am,” she told a radio host in 2022. “I want young people struggling with their identity to know that you should always stay true to yourself.”

Her outspokenness on women’s issues and personal relationships made her a champion for equality. Angie never shied away from challenging the status quo through her art.

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A Cultural Legend in the Making

In 2022, Angie Oeh collaboration “Girls and Parties” with Biggy, Loufi and others became one of the year’s biggest anthems. Her first tour sold out arenas across the country, establishing her as a bonafide star and household name. Many called her the voice of a generation.

Angie Oeh2

She spent 2023 recording her debut album and filming a reality show centered around her life. Angie’s openness about her personal struggles only further endeared her to fans. She became a symbol of triumph over adversity for so many.

A Shocking Loss

In a tragic turn of events, Angie’s staggering career was cut far too short. The 24-year-old superstar was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in August 2023, passing away just days later on August 19 after being hospitalized.

The news left her millions of fans around the world reeling. An outpouring of grief quickly spread online as people came to terms with the loss of such a beloved cultural icon.

“This feels like the end of an era in South African music,” said rapper LS Marley. “Her voice resonated with so many. It’s hard to believe she’s gone.”

Angie’s mother Peach van Pletzen and girlfriend Jolandri Van Der Walt were by her side in her final moments. Her manager Wynand Myburgh announced her death on Sunday morning, prompting shock and mourning across the music industry.

A Nation Mourns

Within hours of the news breaking, social media was flooded with tributes and reactions. Fellow artists like Francois Van Coke and Jack Parow expressed their grief and heartbreak over the devastating loss.

“Your authenticity inspired me. Your talent amazed me. Your friendship meant everything,” Van Coke wrote in a statement online. “You changed the game forever. I’ll miss you Angie.”

Fans shared their favorite Angie songs, moments and memories, uniting in collective mourning for an artist gone too soon. Makeshift memorials of flowers and candles quickly appeared outside her record label in Johannesburg.

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa spoke of the country’s tremendous loss, saying “Angie’s extraordinary talent and spirit touched so many. She was a cultural force who empowered others to find their voice.”

Radio stations played Angie’s music non-stop in tribute. Music stores sold out of her albums and merchandise as new generations discovered her catalogue. “We lost a once-in-a-generation talent,” a Pretoria record store owner said. “Her music will live on forever though.”

A Trailblazing Legacy

While her tragic death shocked the nation, Angie Oeh’s cultural impact is undeniable. In just a few short years, her genre-bending sound and fearless voice changed the South African music landscape forever.

She broke down barriers for LGBTQ+ representation in her industry while inspiring millions through her personal story. The candor and charisma she brought to her music created an unprecedented connection with fans.

As South Africa mourns the loss of its biggest rising star, Angie’s message of empowerment and equality lives on. She often sang of authenticity – embracing your true self no matter what. The courage she displayed to live that message makes her story timeless.

“Don’t wait until I die to tell me how much my music changed you,” she told an interviewer last year. “Make that change happen right now in your own life.”

Though her light dimmed far too early, Angie Oeh’s legacy continues to shine bright. She opened the door for others with her talent and fearlessness. Her immortal catalogue will be cherished for generations, reminding us that living courageously can change the world. South Africa lost a legend, but her star will never truly fade away.

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