Rapper Blac Youngsta’s Brother Shot & Killed in Memphis

A dark cloud of grief hangs over the city of Memphis today following the untimely death of local hip hop artist Blac Youngsta’s brother, who passed away after being shot near a South Memphis gas station yesterday morning.

The incident occurred around 9:30 AM on August 18th outside a Valero station located close to South Side Park. According to eyewitness reports, multiple gunshots were heard ringing out from a passing vehicle. One of the bullets struck a young man who witnesses identify as the brother of Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta.

Paramedics rushed the victim to Regional One Hospital but tragically the medical team could not save his life. He was pronounced dead upon arrival, leaving friends and family devastated by yet another tragic loss of young life.

A Heartbreaking Blow to Blac Youngsta

News of the fatal shooting comes as a crushing blow to acclaimed Memphis hip hop artist Blac Youngsta, who has already endured immense pain from losing two of his brothers in recent years.

Blac Youngsta, birth name Sammie Marquez Benson, first rose to fame through his mixtape collaborations with Yo Gotti before signing with Epic Records . Known for uptempo southern hip hop anthems, his music brought joy to many.

But few knew the deep grief Blac Youngsta carried from the loss of his younger brother several years ago. Then in 2019, tragedy struck again when another one of his brothers, an aspiring rapper known as HeavycampTD, lost his life to gun violence in Miami.

Blac Youngsta opened up in interviews about the lasting trauma from these experiences, admitting he struggled with suicidal thoughts after his first brother passed away. Losing yet another sibling reopens those deep wounds once more.

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An Outpouring of Community Support

As news spread of the South Memphis shooting, an outpouring of sympathy emerged on social media from Blac Youngsta’s fans and fellow Memphians.

“Praying for you and your fam Youngsta…stay strong through this brother,” commented rapper Big Boogie.

“So sad to hear this, my heart hurts for you,” wrote singer Snootie Wild.

Many grew especially concerned for Blac Youngsta’s mental wellbeing as he copes with another devastating loss. Fans sent messages encouraging him to remain strong despite the pain.

“Memphis got your back Youngsta, you’ll get through this!” tweeted one supporter. Others left heart emojis under his Instagram posts to show their love.

Authorities Investigating Circumstances

While the victim’s identity remains unconfirmed by officials, inside sources suggest it was Blac Youngsta’s brother. Pending autopsy results and family confirmation, homicide detectives continue gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to determine the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting.

Some preliminary investigation details point to the likelihood of it being Blac Youngsta’s sibling based on the location and associate witness accounts. However, police emphasize the importance of following due process before formally identifying the deceased.

A Weary Community Mourns

As Memphis processes this sorrowful loss, a sense of weariness settles over the community that has grieved far too many times. After surpassing 100 homicides already in 2022, many express feeling emotionally and spiritually drained.

“My heart can’t take this kind of pain anymore,” lamented long-time Memphis resident Alicia Carter. “Our kids are bearing the brunt of all this violence. It has to stop.”

City leaders echoed the call for meaningful societal changes to stem the loss of life. “This recurring tragedy is swallowing up our future,” said councilwoman Tammy Hale. “We must unite our voices and resources to save lives before it’s too late.”

Lofton Jr. William shared the information of incident on Facebook by writing:-

S.Memphis Shooting;;;👀🙏🏿😯

RIP too Tomanuel Benson the younger brother of Memphis Rapper Blac Youngsta who was Shot n K*lled at the B.P On S.Parkway earlier today!!😔🙏🏿🙏🏿

Hiphooplately Shared a Post on Facebook by writing:-

Blac Youngsta lost yet another brother in Memphis gas station shooting today. Rip

Blac Youngsta – A Light in the Darkness

While the path forward remains daunting, Blac Youngsta provides a ray of light through his community contributions aimed at supporting Memphis youth.

Through his Joy Youngsta Foundation, he actively engages with local schools and families to provide holiday meals, backpacks, and funds for those in need. He also opened a music studio for underserved youth to chase their artistic dreams in a constructive environment.

Though wounded deeply by the loss of his own brothers, Blac Youngsta’s investment in the next generation symbolizes hope rising from the ashes. His resilience and generosity in spite of his own pain inspires others to envision a more promising future.

And so Memphis mourns this tragedy with heavy hearts. But the city also lifts up leaders like Blac Youngsta who transform anguish into positive action. By coming together today in grief, we pave the path to healing tomorrow.

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