Renowned Keyboardist John Gosling, Known for The Kinks Fame, Died at 75

London, August 5, 2023 – The music world lost a legendary talent this week with the passing of John Gosling, best known as the keyboardist for British rock icons The Kinks, at the age of 75. Gosling’s death on August 4 was confirmed by former bandmates, who expressed deep sorrow at the loss.

Joining The Kinks in 1970, John Gosling contributed his exceptional keyboard skills to many of the band’s major hits over his 8-year tenure, including “Lola”, “Celluloid Heroes” and “Apeman”. His artistic flair and musicality on the keys became core to The Kinks’ signature sound, blending rock, pop and British Invasion influences.

“John’s contribution to The Kinks cannot be overstated. He was not only a talented musician but also a true friend and kind soul. We are deeply saddened by his passing, and his presence will be sorely missed,” said frontman Ray Davies in a statement, paying tribute to the late keyboard maestro.

About John Gosling Personal Life

Born in Paignton, Devon on February 6, 1948, Gosling first explored his passion for the piano and organ from a young age before joining The Kinks at a crucial time for the group. His addition brought new depth and dynamism to the band’s discography, shaping the evolution of their iconic rock style.

After his years with The Kinks, Gosling was a founding member of the Kast Off Kinks, formed by ex-bandmates in 1991. He continued performing globally to adoring fans until retirement in 2008, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

Across social media, nostalgic fans and contemporaries alike are mourning Gosling’s passing, highlighting his influence as both a consummate professional and kind personality. His contributions to The Kinks’ indelible catalog and British rock music overall will be cherished for generations.

As the music world bids farewell to a true icon, John Gosling’s magical touch at the keys and integral role in rock history will forever be remembered. The loss of this supremely gifted keyboard player and Kinks legend leaves a void, but his spirit lives on through the enduring music he helped create.

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