Ron Washington Health 2023: Where Is He Going After Leaving Los Angeles?

Ron Washington, a well-known figure in the baseball world, faced a health scare in 2014 that led to his retirement from the sport. However, in 2023, he is alive and doing well. This article explores Ron Washington’s health status and discusses his future plans after leaving the Los Angeles Angels.

Retirement and Health Scare

In 2014, Ron Washington retired from baseball after experiencing a health scare. The specifics of his condition have not been disclosed publicly, but it prompted him to step away from the game. Despite this setback, Washington has recovered and is currently in good health.

Recent Development

In recent news, Ron Washington has resurfaced in the baseball world. The Los Angeles Angels have hired him as their new manager, marking his return to a managerial role after nearly a decade. At the age of 71, Washington brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

The Los Angeles Angels’ New Manager

The appointment of Ron Washington as the new manager of the Los Angeles Angels is seen as a strategic move by the team. With their superstar Shohei Ohtani potentially leaving, the Angels have recognized the need for strong leadership in the pitching department. Washington’s expertise and track record make him a valuable addition to the coaching staff.

Future Plans

As of now, Ron Washington’s immediate future lies with the Los Angeles Angels. His primary focus will be leading the team and helping them achieve success on the field. However, his long-term plans beyond his tenure with the Angels are yet to be determined.


Ron Washington’s health has improved since his retirement in 2014, and he is now embarking on a new chapter as the manager of the Los Angeles Angels. The baseball community eagerly anticipates his contributions to the team. While Washington’s plans beyond his current position remain uncertain, his return to the sport demonstrates his enduring passion for baseball.

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