Ruby Docherty Leaked Train Video: Know everything about the incident

Ruby Docherty, an Australian girl, has been trending all across the internet as a video of the girl on a train went viral on TikTok. As soon as the video started circulating on the internet, people started searching heavily about the incident. Are you also interested in learning more about Ruby Docherty’s leaked train video? If yes, keep reading this article, as it carries all the necessary information about Ruby Docherty’s leaked video, what actually happened, and more about the incident!

Who is Ruby Docherty? Why is she trending?

Ruby Docherty is an Australian girl who has been trending on the internet for the last few days after a video of the girl having a verbal altercation with a woman passenger on a train went viral on Tiktok. The incident is said to have occurred in June 2023, and it allegedly took place in London.

Docherty has been trending ever since the video went viral on the internet, and some unreliable websites have even created false reports relating to the name of Ruby Docherty just to increase the number of likes and views on their articles or posts.

Learn more about Ruby Docherty’s leaked train video

Ruby Docherty has been in the news, and all this began when a video of Docherty having a verbal altercation with a woman on a train in London went viral on Tiktok. The video was reportedly filmed by other passengers on the train and was afterwards posted on TikTok, and later it started circulating rapidly on Twitter as well.

According to reports, Docherty became agitated when a fellow female passenger advised her not to smoke on the train, and the argument started. In the footage, both of them are seen arguing on a train that is packed with passengers. Ruby inquired about the other woman’s age in the middle of the argument, to which she responded, “She was 27. In the viral video, Ruby is heard cursing at the female.

Ruby Docherty reacts over the train video

Following different speculations about Ruby Docherty due to the leaked train video, Docherty addressed her side of the incident in a TikTok video. Posting a video on TikTok, Ruby Docherty discussed the entire incident, but that original video has been removed from the platform as her account got suspended.

Other TikTok users, however, have posted Docherty’s video. According to Ruby’s claims, the woman discussed her family, including her mother, in the video. She yelled at him because he was upset about it. She continued by adding that she didn’t mistreat the woman.

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