Samsung ‘Galaxy to Share’ Update Explained

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Samsung brings something new every few days. This time, Samsung launched its latest “Galaxy to Share” update. Users may now share their settings across Galaxy devices thanks to a new “Good Lock” module from Samsung called “Galaxy to Share.” Continue reading this article to know Samsung Galaxy to Share and the update with the explanation.

What is Samsung’s “Galaxy to share” Feature?

Thanks to Samsung’s new “Good Lock” and “Galaxy to Share” modules, customers can now sync their settings across Galaxy smartphones. Customers can completely customize their Galaxy phone or tablet experience using Samsung’s Good Lock app. Samsung included “Galaxy to Share” via Good Lock and rolled out One UI 5 to several of its devices. Samsung originally announced Good Lock in 2016 and compared it to Samsung One UI skin. It offers more excellent customization choices.

What are the New features in this Galaxy to Share Update?

 It provides more options for personalization. Galaxy device owners can use Galaxy to Share to move their Good Lock settings from one device to every other one they own. The following standalone Good Lock applications and modules are supported: According to the source, One Hand Operation+, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Keys Cafe, Theme Park, and LockStar, as well as Sound Assistant. Although it isn’t currently supported, the Camera Assistant Good Lock app will most likely get that treatment in the future.

What are other new features of Samsung Galaxy to share?

For fans of DIY (do it yourself), Samsung is allegedly creating a new mobile app named “Self Repair Assistant” According to SamMobile, the tech giant’s most recent trademark application included details about the company’s goals for itself, including a repair service. According to the trademark application, the program’s icon consists of a stylized cogwheel and a wrench on a blue background. A “computer application program for mobile phones for self-installation and self-maintenance of smartwatches, tablets, mobile phones, and earphones,” according to the trademark application, is what “Self Repair Assistant” is.


What is Samsung’s “Galaxy to share” Feature?

Users may now share their settings across Galaxy devices thanks to a new “Good Lock” module from Samsung called “Galaxy to Share.”

Which facility will work in Samsung Galaxy to share update?

Keys Cafe, Theme Park, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Home Up, One Hand Operation+, and Sound Assistant Good Lock apps will all be supported at launch.

What is Samsung working on right now?

Self Repair Assistant is reportedly the name of a new mobile app developed by Samsung.

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