Saquan Santiago Shooting, Greenville Store, What Actually Happened?

A somber cloud descended over the community of Greenville when a fatal shooting incident unfolded at the Red Oak Grill and Grocery on a fateful evening. This tragedy left residents in shock and mourning the loss of a promising young life. As the investigation continues, this article delves into the harrowing details surrounding the death of Saquan Santiago, the subsequent legal developments, and the impact this event has had on the tight-knit Greenville community.

Saquan Santiago Shooting, What Actually Happened?

On a seemingly routine evening, the tranquility of Greenville was abruptly shattered by gunshots. The scene of this tragic incident was the Red Oak Grill and Grocery on Greenville Boulevard, which became the epicenter of a devastating event.

The aftermath of the shooting saw swift action by law enforcement agencies. Dashaun Payton and Trevon Jenkins, aged 29 and 25, respectively, now face murder charges. A third individual, Xysean Mayfield, just 18 years old, is charged with felony accessory after the fact, marking a pivotal moment in this case’s legal journey. gif maker 2023 10 26T115640.240

Greenville Police Response

Greenville Police Chief Ted Sauls offered some insight into the investigation, indicating that the victims may have been intentionally targeted. Gunmen are believed to have fired shots from a moving vehicle, adding an additional layer of complexity to this unfolding tragedy. The situation further escalated when the car collided with the store.

Remembering Saquan Santiago

Among the victims of this shocking event, 19-year-old Saquan Santiago tragically lost his life. His memory lives on in the hearts of family, friends, and the Greenville community, who will forever mourn his untimely passing.

The Survivors

Amid the chaos, others endured and are now on the path to recovery. Kemari Ruffin, 18, was discovered inside the establishment, suffering severe injuries that required immediate medical attention. A 17-year-old victim, struck in the arm, received prompt medical care, while 18-year-old Itzel Martin sustained injuries that, fortunately, were not life-threatening.

Collaborative Efforts for Justice
A concerted effort involving the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office’s Special Response Team and the SBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team led to the successful apprehension of the three individuals involved in this tragic incident. Swift and cooperative law enforcement efforts have been essential to pursuing justice.

Legal Proceedings

Dashaun Payton and Trevon Jenkins find themselves in custody, where they await legal proceedings. As this complex case unfolds, the bond for Xysean Mayfield has been set at $250,000, while the other two suspects are currently held without bond. The legal system will play a crucial role in ensuring accountability for the tragic events that transpired in Greenville

The shooting at the Red Oak Grill and Grocery has left an indelible mark on Greenville, serving as a stark reminder of the impact of violence on a close-knit community. Saquan Santiago’s memory will endure as the community bands together to seek justice and heal from the profound loss they have endured.

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