Seaside Park Shooting: What Happened in Bridgeport, CT

In the United States, gun violence has become an all-too-common occurrence, with mass shootings, homicides, and accidental shootings regularly making headlines. On the night of Thursday, April 13th, 2023, a shooting took place at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT, leaving many heartbroken. The incident left many injured and sent shockwaves through the community, sparking widespread concern about gun violence and public safety. Keep reading the article to know more about this deadly shooting, including what happened at Seaside Park in detail with many more things you should check!

What Happened at Seaside Park: Shooting Explained

The Local authority says, three persons were hurt in a shooting at Seaside Park on Thursday night, April 13th, 2023. According to Capt. Kevin Gilleran, the Bridgeport Police Department’s public relations officer, Christopher Lloyd Rooche, 24, of Bridgeport, has been named as the main suspect.

Gilleran stated, Rooche has been charged in connection with the shooting, although the accusations were not immediately made public. In a statement, Gilleran praised the Patrol Division’s “remarkable job” in quickly apprehending a violent suspect.

Around 4 p.m. on Thursday, patrol officers went to West Beach in Seaside Park, a 325-acre area that borders Long Island Sound. All ages of people, including kids and adults, had gathered there for an unauthorized music event, according to Gilleran. There were more than 200 people present.

Officers reported hearing several shots fired at roughly 6:10 p.m., about two hours later, according to Gilleran. According to Gilleran, the three shooting victims were a 24-year-old Bridgeport man, a 23-year-old Waterbury woman, and a 23-year-old Bridgeport woman. They were all treated at nearby hospitals for non-life-threatening wounds, according to Gilleran.

Bridgeport, CT Police Statement

According to the initial reports, only two persons had been shot, both in the lower extremities, according to Scott Appleby, Bridgeport’s director of emergency management. Later, the third victim was discovered close to West Beach’s entrance, according to Appleby.

Appleby said, police quickly detained one guy and found a gun in the process. Investigators found a car that matched the description of the suspect vehicle while searching the area for more suspects, and they started chasing it, according to Appleby.

According to Gilleran, three people in total were detained. Other than Rooche, the identities of the other two were not immediately made public. As stated by Gilleran, the investigation is ongoing.

Neitzens’ Reaction to Seaside Park Shooting

The deadly shooting at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut completely stunned and saddened the whole community, many took to social media platforms to express their frustration and to show their anger at the authorities.

Melissa JahNestae Ferguson posted on Facebook, saying “This was undoubtedly a great area to grow up in Bridgeport. This is extremely tragic on so many levels; things seemed to be slowing down. yet always be at home!”

Ansiuska Olivo mentioned, “Mother Nature is just shown us why she doesn’t provide us with enjoyable days out. Why are you doing so much? I can’t handle shooting at a park with kids and other crap. Shooting at the beach with so many people and kids was CRAZY ASF.”

The Seaside Park shooting is a tragedy that highlights the ongoing gun violence epidemic in Connecticut. It is a reminder that we need to take comprehensive action to address this issue and create safer communities. This includes not only gun control measures but also addressing the underlying social and economic factors that contribute to it. We must come together as a society and demand change to prevent further loss of life and ensure that our communities are safe for all.

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