‘Second Wife’ A New Comedy Series Starring Emma Roberts and Tom Ellis Know More About The Series

Are you an Emma Roberts fan? If so, get ready to be delighted as the American Horror Story actress is taking on a new role in Hulu’s upcoming romantic comedy series titled ‘Second Wife.’ The series, which was announced today by the streaming giant, will follow two contemporary couples with opposite relationships: one struggling to stay together and the other beginning a unique journey into love all over again. With Roberts at the helm of this refreshingly modern and cheeky show about marital foibles, it promises witty humor given her track record for proven comedic chops. So sit back and enjoy this intriguing take on life after marriage!

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More About The Series “Second Wife”

The unusual romantic journey of Sasha (Emma Roberts) and Jacob (Tom Ellis), the two protagonists of Hulu’s upcoming television series ‘Second Wife’, is sure to arouse curiosity among viewers.

Described as a dark comedy, the show is set to explore how the concepts of intimacy, failure, and second chances shape relationships.

Second Wife 1

The plot centers around an impulsive marriage between Sasha and Jacob after they meet in London when Sasha has just experienced a bad break-up in New York City.

While their passionate relationship quickly blossoms, they soon realize that they know very little about each other. As details about the cast and production timeline are being kept under wraps for now, viewers can only wait anxiously to watch this thrilling new show on their screens!

First Time Collaboration of Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer

The up-and-coming collaborative project, Second Wife, by married couple Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer is set to be an exciting venture worth keeping an eye on.

Second Wife producer

Oppenheimer’s impressive portfolio of writing credits will serve her well as showrunner for the project. She has gained recognition from writing the screenplay for We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron, as well as working on Fear the Walking Dead and Broken for AMC and ABC respectively.

In 2018 she created Queen America for Facebook Watch which has been followed recently by the second season of her hit series Tell Me Lies picked up by Hulu. With such talented individuals behind it, Second Wife will surely be something to look forward to in upcoming times.

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