Shawn Mendes Debuts New Shaved Head: “Goodbye Curls” Checkout his new look

Shawn Mendes has taken the internet by storm! The Canadian singer emerged with a freshly shaven head in Los Angeles on &th Jan, Saturday. Fans around the world were stunned and rushed to social media to share their reactions of surprise and support for his daring new look. While some may think it’s only hair others are amazed at how this minor transformation can create such an impactful change.

Whether you love or loathe his new style, there’s no denying that Shawn Mendes is pulling off this unexpected yet bold feat with grace and poise. Keep reading to learn more about his shaved head adventure!

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Shawn Mendes Debuts New Shaved Head

On Saturday, Shawn Mendes stepped out for breakfast in Los Angeles, giving us all a glimpse of his new look – a freshly shaved head. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter said goodbye to his signature curly brunette hair and opted instead for this stunningly modern style. He pulled the look together with a white shirt layered with a sweater and scarf as he walked the streets after dining with friends at Verve Coffee. For the last decade, Shawn has consistently crafted amazing appearances for both his performances and interviews. His latest hairdo pays homage to that classic edge with an updated twist leaving us excited to see what he’ll do next.


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Shawn Mendes Stripes down into a freezing stream on Christmas

Recently Shawan Mendes was a buzz around social media for his adventurous Christmas celebration. Shawn Mendes got creative when it came to wishing his fans a happy holiday when he stripped down to his boxer briefs and jumped into a stream on Christmas Day. The singer shared a video of himself taking a dip with his Instagram followers, pairing the daring video with the caption: “MERRY CHRISTMAS ❄️🤪❤️.”

In the clip, Shawn can be seen wearing black boxer briefs, a bear patterned sweater, and black boots as he takes a surprisingly calm plunge into the cold water. As he stepped out of the stream someone off camera commented: “He’s getting undressed, what are you doing,” prompting Shawn to cheekily respond: “I can’t feel a thing.” With no sign of hesitation, it looks like Shawn was ready to take on anything to wish his fans some holiday cheer!

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