Shelley Howard, A Graphic Artist in Chicago has Passed Away, Know Everything about Him

The art community in Chicago, and indeed the whole world, is mourning the sudden loss of one of its brightest stars. Shelley Howard, a renowned graphic artist and a stalwart of the city’s vibrant art scene, passed away on Sunday, October 15, 2023. The news of his death has left a profound mark on those who had the privilege of knowing him and admiring his work. His absence will be deeply felt by all.

Who was Shelley Howard?

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Shelley Howard was more than just a local artist—he was a symbol of the city’s creative spirit. Throughout his life, he displayed an uncanny ability to capture the pulse of the city in his art, making him a beloved figure in the Chicago art community.

Shelley completed his secondary education at Proviso East High School before moving on to Northern Illinois University. His artistic journey led him to become a designer at Shelleyvision, where he made significant contributions and left an indelible imprint with his unique style and creativity.

Shelley Howard Career

As a graphic artist, Shelley Howard was known for his innovative designs and his ability to tell compelling stories through his artwork. His work at Shelleyvision showcased his unique style and his deep understanding of visual aesthetics. His designs not only contributed to the company’s success but also brought a fresh perspective to the graphic design landscape in Chicago.

Shelley’s career was characterized by his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. He was not just a designer; he was a storyteller who used his art to engage, inspire, and challenge his audience.

Shelley Howard death, Know more about his Cause of Death

The precise circumstances surrounding Shelley Howard’s death remain unspecified at this time. The cause of his passing has not been publicly disclosed, adding to the shock and sorrow felt by those who knew him. As we await more information, the focus remains on remembering his life and legacy.

Shelley Howard Obituary

The loss of Shelley Howard is a significant blow to the art community in Chicago and beyond. A gifted graphic artist, a dedicated designer, and a beloved member of the city’s art scene, Shelley’s passing leaves a void that will not be easily filled.

Bill Saveley-Arias

What can you say that hasn’t already been said? Shelley Howard was a light. A true legend in this city. An icon. The first VJ I ever knew, and he set the bar very high. A pillar in the community and one of the first members of our Tribe.
Shelley knew everyone. I know that concept is mentioned about a lot of people, but Shelley truly knew everyone.
One of our last conversations was about his lawn. Knowing and following my lawn journey via Facebook, he had questions. I answered them all. It was wonderful to see how excited he was about his sod.
I will miss his postings. His humor. His historical significance within our nightclub community. His care for the city. All of it.
Rest in Peace, Shelley. You were one of the good ones.
My sincerest condolences to the family for their loss.

His work at Shelleyvision and his contributions to the art landscape in Chicago are a testament to his talent and his passion for his craft. His innovative designs and storytelling ability will continue to inspire future generations of artists.

Tammy Kohl gif maker 2023 10 16T124440.200 1
There is a hush all over Chicago tonight. So many of us have lost our dear friend, the one and only, Shelley Howard. He connected us all to great music, nightlife in the city and the wisdom of his soul.When I had just moved to Chicago in the late 80’s, we would often play a game, “Let’s go find Shelley”. A game where we would intrinsically “feel” where the coolest place in town would be that night. And to win… we would run into Shelley. Many of us won often. We were lucky and boy, we had good times! Rest in the Twilight my friend. ✨✨✨ We all are going to miss you Sir. Thank you for documenting our lives pictorially so brilliantly and efficiently.

As we mourn Shelley’s untimely passing, we also celebrate his life and his significant contributions to the world of art. His legacy will live on through his work and the many lives he touched with his creativity and his spirit.

Lori E. Portnoy gif maker 2023 10 16T124657.241
Awww – this came up in my memories today. The world lost Shelley Howard sometime overnight. He was his usual prolific self on FB yesterday. And today he was gone. As he often said at times like this, “Go hug those you love.” He was a unique and charismatic soul who will be missed by many. Hope there is a martini waiting for him on the other side!This picture was from the final day of Anthony Potenzo’s Three Aces in Chicago. Those weee the days!

In these difficult times, thoughts and prayers go out to Shelley’s family and friends as they navigate this period of profound grief and loss. Rest in peace, Shelley Howard, a true luminary of Chicago’s art scene.

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