Talented Tattoo Artist Jake McKeown Died: Know Everything About Him, Cause of Death and Obituary

It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of Jake McKeown, a talented tattoo artist at Way of Ink Tattoo Shop. Jake’s skills in his craft were unparalleled, and his positive presence around the shop made him a joy to be around. He will always be remembered as more than just an artist, but as a friend and a bright soul. As news of his passing spread, clients and loved ones have been expressing their condolences to his family. We take some time to remember who Jake was, his work as a tattoo artist, and the impact he leaves behind.

Who was Jake McKeown?

Jake McKeown was an exceptional tattoo artist whose work spoke for itself. From portraits to symbols, he could turn any design into a masterpiece. He developed his skills early on, studying under various tattoo artists in Virginia until he made it to Way of Ink Tattoo Shop. Jake’s work was always a favorite of the clients, and he had a reputation for paying attention to detail in every piece he worked on. He was also recognized for his unique style, a blend of traditional and modern tattoo techniques.

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Jake was also known for his personality, which was just as impressive as his artistry. He would often make his clients feel comfortable and ease their nerves with his infectious sense of humor. He was very sociable and had a way of connecting with people through his art and his personality.

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Chris Logan

Was not expecting this of all news to be honest.
Jake McKeown Rest in Peace, Bro! Im definitley gonna miss your presence at shows. You were always supportive of what i had going on and even more so just a good homie in general. I have to dig for these, but i’ll never forget leaving my phone down at this one party in VA and you grabbing it and taking a couple of group selfies with some others. And i didnt even notice until i got home later. It was the homie energy like that, that made me fuck with you. Thanks for all the good vibes and good times. Rest easy bro🙏🏾

What was the cause of Jake McKeown death?

The circumstances of Jake McKeown’s sudden passing have yet to be disclosed, further adding to the shock and sadness of his death. Those who knew him well remember him fondly and speak of his artistic talents, his positive and fun-loving nature, and how much they will miss spending time with him.

Destiny Fales
Planet Earth lost one of the most genuine souls I knew yesterday, and I had to take most of the night to process the fact that I won’t be seeing that big smile or receiving the best hugs as planned this weekend. Even though I only knew Jake for a short time, he quickly became one of my favorite people. Always so positive and happy and so accepting. I’m truly truly going to miss you bud. You were a beyond talented artist and I wish we got more time with you. Fly high homie, I know you’ll still be with us on all our planned adventures this year. ✨

GoFundMe: Kerri Hartman is organizing this fundraiser

The McKeown Family suffered a tragic loss of their son and brother, Jake McKeown, on July 3rd, 2023. Donating to this fund will help financially offset the unexpected funeral costs as well as assist with the care of his son, Maverick. Click link: https://gofund.me/1293db4c

Jake mckeown Obituary

In the end, Jake McKeown’s passing is a great loss to the tattoo community and to all those who knew him. But by celebrating the joy he brought to others, we honor his memory. His vibrant presence and artistic talent will continue to inspire and excite, even in his absence. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Jake McKeown.

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Marcus Thomas
The world lost the kindest, sweetest, most genuine beautiful soul yesterday. Jake McKeown I love you dawg. You were one of a kind. I knew you briefly, & you treated me like someone I’ve know a lifetime. Like a brother. I didn’t think it would hurt this bad. But I can’t stop thinking about you today. I was gonna see you this weekend. Destiny just talked to you the day before. I should have gotten that tattoo! I shouldn’t have taken our time for granted. 🤍 I can’t wait to see the pretty colors you display in the sky for us. We’ll know it’s you buddy! Rest easy big dawg. We will meet again one day; and until then, Well hold it down; down here for you! ✌🏾🤍

The sudden loss of Jake McKeown has left a hole in the hearts of his family, friends, and clients. It is hard to say goodbye to someone who brought joy and inspired others through his passion and creativity. But it is also important to celebrate the positive impact that Jake had during his time with us. He left behind a body of work that will continue to influence and inspire tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike.

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