The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers March 13

Monday, March 13: Hope shocks Liam with news about Thomas. 

Tuesday, March 14: Douglas is set to move in with Liam and Hope. Liam questions Hope’s motives for her change of heart. 

Wednesday, March 15: Deacon gets sentimental as he listens to Wyatt and Liam talk about Sheila. Sheila worries that Bill knows about her clandestine relationship with Deacon. 

Thursday, March 16 & Friday, March 17: Bold & Beautiful is pre-empted for NCAA sports coverage.

Storyline Expected this week

The Bold and the Beautiful is about to get even more dramatic for the week of March 13-17. The core storyline will be focused on Sheila Carter and Bill Spencer’s growing mistrust in their relationship.

After months of being blissfully happy, Sheila will soon start to doubt her relationship as she begins to suspect that Bill knows something about her cheating with Deacon Sharpe.

This will cause Sheila to panic and worry that if Bill finds out he’ll put her back in prison or even worse, kill them both.

Meanwhile, Bill will be plotting his revenge mission against Sheila and Deacon. He’ll leave no stone unturned in his effort to make them pay for their actions and make sure they feel the consequences of their affair.

The consequences won’t just be between Sheila and Bill though, as fans are sure to see plenty of drama unfold between Deacon Sharpe’s entire family as they try to come to terms with what has happened.

Especially since it seems like the show is focusing more on Deacon’s grandmother lately, who will certainly have a lot of strong opinions about the situation. 

As we move further into this story arc viewers can expect some intense confrontations between all parties involved, plus a few surprise twists along the way. Will Bill succeed in taking down Sheila and Deacon, or can they somehow manage to get out of this mess unscathed? Viewers will have to keep tuning in every week during March 13-17th for all the answers!

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