Theresa “Bunny Bontiti” Cachuela has died, Murder-Suicide

In a chilling turn of events, Theresa Cachuela, widely known as Bunny Bontiti, was fatally shot by her estranged husband near Pearlridge Center. The tragedy has left the Hawaiian community reeling, as the beloved beauty entrepreneur and social media influencer leaves behind three children.

Who was Theresa “Bunny Bontiti” Cachuela?

Theresa Cachuela, or Bunny Bontiti as she was popularly known, was a successful beauty entrepreneur and a highly influential figure in the world of social media. At just 33 years of age, she had made a significant impact in her industry, inspiring many with her creativity and drive. She was also a loving mother to three children, one of whom tragically witnessed the incident.

What Actually Happened Bunny Bontiti?

On the fateful day, Theresa was meeting with her mother, Lucita Ani-Nihoa, near Pearlridge Center. It was here that her estranged spouse, 44-year-old Jason Cachuela, appeared and shot her. He subsequently fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of devastation.

Joselle Bacos

Today was a sad day in Hawaii. Someone you know is being abused mentally or physically. A TRO will not stop the abuser from doing what they already plan to do in their head. My heart goes out to Theresa Cachuela and her family. Bottom line, love the people that love you. There’s no room for hate. You are no different because you are educated, you drive a nice car, you have bigger muscles, you have a better job or you go to church. Enjoy everyday and do the best you can. Be thankful…..

What was the Cause of Theresa Cachuela Death: A Tale of Domestic Violence

Theresa Cachuela’s death is a tragic reminder of the horrors of domestic violence. Prior to the murder, Jason Cachuela had repeatedly threatened suicide and harassed Theresa, leading her to obtain a temporary restraining order against him. Despite these measures, and an agreement reached in a court hearing that he would maintain distance from her while retaining visitation rights with their children, Jason Cachuela carried out the fatal shooting.

Jason Cachuela Found Dead

In a grim twist, Jason Cachuela was later found dead by suicide in Waipahu. This discovery marked the end of a horrifying sequence of events that led to the loss of two lives and left three children without their parents.

Bunny Bontiti Obituary

Theresa ‘Bunny Bontiti’ Cachuela leaves behind a legacy of beauty, creativity, and resilience. Her death is a devastating loss to her family, friends, and the many lives she touched through her work. As the Hawaiian community mourns her untimely passing, a call for justice and an end to domestic violence echoes louder than ever.

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