Too Many Passcode Attempts: Reset Apple Watch 2023

With an Apple Watch, you can access multiple tasks without having to touch your iOS smartphone. Apple Watches are created to be extensions to your iPhone. It’s convenient and has a variety of strap and watch face designs.

The “too many passcode attempts” problem on Apple Watch, which has affected some users in some way, has recently been the subject of numerous customer complaints. Your Apple Watch may periodically display a notice informing you that you have attempted to unlock it too many times and should reset it before trying again.

You might be wondering how to reset your watch and whether doing so would result in the loss of any information or data. Here we’ll describe how to resolve the “too many passcode attempts” error.

“Too Many Passcode Attempts”on Apple Watch Issue

Only when you may have repeatedly entered the incorrect password while unlocking the watch you’ll see the notice “too many passcode attempts” on the watch. Then, you will receive a pop-up telling you to try again in one minute after your first five unsuccessful attempts to unlock the watch.

You will be prompted to try again in 5 minutes if you enter the wrong password again. If this happens again, you will be asked to try again in 15 minutes, and then in 60 minutes. And the watch will be locked and display the message “too many passcodes attempts” if, after 60 minutes, you once more input the incorrect password.

You can use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to input the passcode again if your Apple Watch is disabled because you forgot it or entered it incorrectly too many times. You may reset your Apple Watch and re-configure it if you’re still having trouble remembering your passcode.

How to Fix Too Many Passcode Attempts Errors on Apple Watch

Here are two methods to fix when your Apple Watch warns you of “too many passcode attempts”:

Method 1: Fix Too Many Passcode Attempts Error by ‘Apple Watch’

You’ll need to reset and re-set up your Apple Watch if you’ve forgotten the passcode. Follow the steps to fix this issue with the apple watch,

Step 1: Up until you finish these steps, place your watch on its charger.

Step 2: When you see the power button in the top-right corner of the display, press and hold the side button.

Step 3: Hold down the Digital Crown button until Erase all content and settings appears.

Step 5: Tap Reset once, then tap it again to be sure.

Step 6: Wait for the procedure to be finished before resetting your Apple Watch. Restore from a backup when prompted.

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Method 2: Fix Too Many Passcode Attempts Error by Using‘iPhone’

Below are the steps to fix the too many passcode attempts by using iPhone,

Step 1: Place the Apple Watch and iPhone close to one another.

Step 2: Find and launch the Watch app.

Step 3: Choose the “General” option.

Step 4: Choose “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings”.

Step 5: Comply With the Directions.


If you frequently enter the wrong password several times, you can be left with no choice but to reset the watch or iPhone. Using your iPhone or the watch itself, you can reset the timepiece. While resetting the iPhone requires the use of iTunes and a Mac or PC. To ensure that your data can be quickly restored every time you reset your watch or iPhone, you must always keep a backup of it on iCloud, etc. Try contacting Apple Watch Support if you require additional assistance.


How do I unlock my Apple Watch after too many passcode attempts?

If your Apple Watch is locked after too many attempts of the passcode, the use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to enter the correct passcode again. If you still cannot open the lock you can reset your Apple Watch and set it up again.

Why does my Apple Watch say too many passcode attempts reset Apple Watch and pair again?

If you enter the wrong passcode many times your watch will be locked for 60 minutes and then again If you enter the wrong passcode once again after 60 minutes, your watch will be disabled and you will get this “too many attempts” error. Then you will need to reset your Apple watch and pair it again.

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