Top 5 reasons people use Instagram over Facebook

In the world of marketing, Facebook and Instagram are comparable to Pepsi and Coke. Both are strong. Both have special equipment. What is best for your brand, though? Before deciding, you should consider the differences. Let’s examine them.

Keep reading this article to know the What are the top 5 reasons people use Instagram over Facebook

1.Instagram Is More Mobile-Friendly than Facebook

It should come as no surprise that Instagram offers a superior mobile experience to Facebook given that it was a mobile-only site for a long time and has a more limited selection of content categories. Although Facebook has come a long way in this area, Instagram was created specifically for mobile devices.

2. Young Americans Are Increasingly Using Instagram Instead of Facebook

According to Edison’s Infinite Dial survey (Open Link in New Window), Instagram and Snapchat usage increased while Facebook usage decreased significantly between 2017 and 2018.

3. Instagram is more commerce-friendly than Facebook.

Multiple attempts at direct commerce on Facebook have met with only minor success. However, Instagram’s business model feels like a very logical extension of the platform since it is integrated so thoroughly into the user experience.

For both consumers and advertisers, the experience will only get better. Instagram recently announced the introduction of in-app payments (Open Link in New Window), which will allow you to make purchases directly from the image without leaving Instagram and visiting another website. This will turn Instagram into a major hub for product sales.

4. For brands, Instagram is a better option instead. Facebook

From a marketing perspective, it is getting harder (some would even argue pointless) to try to increase organic reach for business postings due to Facebook’s display algorithm updates for News Feed. While Instagram does adjust, the changes are less drastic in comparison, and overall, there is far better brand-user coexistence on Instagram.

On Instagram, there are numerous companies whose content is enjoyable to see. It is hardly found in Facebook posts. Facebook is used more for people to stay in touch.

5. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram has built-in messaging.

Instagram Has In-App Messaging Facebook Messenger has been a huge success. The number of users is growing, and Messenger—which is supported by chatbots and partners of Convince & Convert like Intercom and ICUC—may be the ideal platform for branded interactions now.

However, Instagram chat and messaging can perform at least some of the functions of Facebook Messenger. This gap is closing as video chat will be available on Instagram soon (Open Link in New Window).

Reviews of people preferring Instagram more than Facebook

What the app can offer you is determined by where you are and which addictive app the majority of your friends are using. It has nothing to do with whether you prefer Instagram to Facebook.

Facebook has recently become more about advertising; also, due to frequent algorithm updates, users are losing interest because they cannot relate to the daily feed. In contrast, Instagram’s algorithm has been so successful that users are addicted to the service. Since the content is entirely visual, it is simpler to understand and remember. As a result, it is more popular than Facebook.

You must upload a photo before you can add text, hashtags, emojis, and other elements to it. This is an additional step for folks who simply wish to post constant commentary about what’s going through their minds on social media via Instagram. However, Facebook lacks the features.

“Facebook is straight up a cesspool of drama. Instagram is not. I suppose if you’re a drama person you could make anything dramatic, but for the purpose of answering your question in the simplest of terms, Facebook is like high school, and Instagram is like… the first year’s post college.

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