Two Cousins, Paris and Kuaron Harvey, Shoot Themselves on Instagram Live: Video Goes Viral

Paris Harvey, 12, and Kuaron Harvey, 14, were playing with a gun on Instagram Live when Paris accidentally shot Kuaron and then shot herself dead. Here’s everything about the Paris and Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live shooting that shocked everyone as the video went viral.

The St. Louis Police have marked the case as a murder-suicide. However, the girl’s mother, Shanise Harvey, denied that it was a suicide and claimed it was a “freak accident” that happened after Kuaron’s birthday party.

Paris Harvey, 12, Fatally Shots Herself and Kuaron Harvey, 14, on Instagram Live

The Harvey family had just celebrated Kuaron’s 14th birthday in March 2022 when they witnessed a massive tragedy. After Kuaron and his cousin Paris Harvey, 12, were left alone in a room and they were playing, they went live on Instagram.

The two children were playing with a gun when Paris accidentally dropped the gun and it fired and shot Kuaron Harvey. This killed her. Due to this, the young girl panicked and picked up the loaded gun with its barrel and it fired at her.

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Paris Harvey accidentally shot her cousin and herself dead while the two were live on Instagram. The viewers were panicked and the people who knew their family called them. Upon hearing the shots, the family members rushed to the room but it was too late.

Paris and Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Shooting Video: Where to Watch?

Instagram removed the live video where two children from St. Louis were killed in the tragic accident as the platform doesn’t support gore and violent content. However, the video where Paris shoots and kills her cousin Kuaron and herself on Instagram Live is going viral recently.

It’s been over a year since the tragedy happened but someone has leaked the video of the incident. It was first posted on Twitter a day before and it spread to Reddit, TikTok, and other platforms. The viewers were shocked by the freak accident while others sent prayers to them.

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We would not embed the video here due to its graphic nature as it would distress a lot of our readers. We would also recommend that you stop looking for the video and send condolences to the Harvey family who lost their two beautiful children.

Police Call Paris and Kuaron Harvey Shooting a Murder-Suicide

The St. Louis Police have called the incident where Paris Harvey shot her cousin and herself with a gun on Instagram Live a murder-suicide. However, Shanise Harvey, the mother of the young girl refused to accept the claim and called it a “freak accident.”

“Everybody was getting together to celebrate, and so the younger kids, they got a bed and breakfast,” Shanise Harvey said. “They were making a video, and [Paris] was playing with the gun, but it went off and hit him.”

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She went on to explain that Paris dropped the gun and it went off and killed Kuaron. After that, she picked it up its barrel and it fired at her. She called the incident a tragedy but the Police have marked it as a murder-suicide.

Our deepest condolences go to the Harvey family. They lost two young children due to this tragic accident. May God let the departed souls rest easy.

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