UPS Driver Commits Suicide by Metrolink Train in Covina, CA

In a heartbreaking incident, a UPS driver committed suicide by colliding with a Metrolink train in Covina, California. The tragic event occurred around 3:30 PM on Thursday, leaving the local community in shock and grief.

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Immediate Aftermath

The collision resulted in traffic disruption on Barranca Avenue between Edna Place and San Bernardino Road, which was closed for some time. Authorities from the California Highway Patrol were promptly called to the scene.

Remembering the Individual

The UPS driver, who was based in Baldwin Park, was known for his dedication and hard work3. His sudden and tragic departure has left colleagues and loved ones in deep sorrow. As the news of his death spreads, many are expressing their condolences and sharing fond memories of him.

Investigation and Support

The Covina Police Department confirmed that the cause of death was suicide by train collision1. Further investigations are ongoing to understand the circumstances leading up to this tragic incident. Meanwhile, support services are being offered to those affected, emphasizing the importance of mental health and suicide prevention resources.


The loss of the UPS driver in such a tragic manner underscores the critical need for accessible mental health services and open conversations about emotional well-being. As the Covina community mourns this loss, it also serves as a stark reminder of the silent battles individuals may be fighting.

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