Victor Harper II Died in Motorcycle Accident: Cause of Crash Revealed

A young man from Woodbridge, Virginia, lost his life tragically in a fatal motorcycle crash. Victor Harper II, who was riding his motorcycle, collided with a parked vehicle on I-95 in Dale City and passed away. Here’s everything you need to know about the bike accident of Victor Harper II.

The investigation into the unfortunate accident is ongoing and the affected area has been guarded-off. This incident highlighted the need for better road safety measures and protocols yet again as the traffic in the impacted area remains disturbed.

Tributes have appeared for the late Woodbridge man led by his friends and family members.

Who was Victor Harper II?

Victor Harper II was a resident of Woodbridge, Virginia. He was a professional Program Director who worked at ART 180. He was an alumnus of C.D. Hylton High School. Later, he went to Virginia Commonwealth University for higher education.

After that, Harper studied Visual Art at Virginia Union University. He started his recent stint with ART 180 as a Program Assistant and got promoted quickly due to his excellent skills. He was a hardworking fellow who always gave his best whenever he got an opportunity.

Victor Harper II was also famous on social media platforms with over 2.1K friends on Facebook. He frequently posted appealing updates there. He owned a 2015 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and loved riding the beautiful bike whenever he had a chance.

Victor Harper II Died in Motorcycle Accident: What Happened?

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, a tragic motorcycle accident occurred in the afternoon on Interstate 95 near Dale Boulevard in Dale City, Prince William County, Virginia. A young man identified as Victor Harper II lost his life in the fatal motorcycle crash.

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Harper was driving his 2015 Harley-Davidson motorcycle when he lost control, veered off the right side of the highway, and collided with the rear of a VDOT vehicle parked on the roadside. The VDOT Safety Services Patrol vehicle was parked for an ongoing investigation.

Before this tragedy, Virginia State Police were investigating a two-vehicle crash in the area when a truck collided with a VDOT vehicle parked on the right side. The investigation into the scary accident is still underway and more updates should be available soon.

Victor Harper II’s Death: What was the Cause of Crash?

Victor Harper II was severely injured in the crash when his motorcycle collided with a VDOT vehicle’s rear. He was pronounced dead at the scene. When his body was taken to the nearby medical center, the doctors confirmed that he succumbed to his injuries.

However, the official cause of the death of Victor Harper II is yet to be released. The cause of the crash that killed Victor Harper II is not known either. It’s known that Harper lost his balance, veered off the road, and then collided with the rear of a parked VDOT vehicle.

Although we don’t know if there’s any other factor involved in the crash. Reportedly, no other person was injured but the investigation is ongoing. The traffic in the affected area remains heavily backed up for a distance exceeding 5 miles.

Victor Harper II Obituary, Funeral, and Tributes

Woodbridge’s Victor Harper II tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident this past Thursday. He was a young man admired by everyone who knew him. Tributes have emerged for Harper on social media platforms led by his cousins and friends.

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An obituary is awaited for Mr. Victor Harper II. He was a wonderful person who was always ready to help people. He was kind, brave, and confident. He carried a contagious smile perennially and everyone adored him for his humorous side.

The funeral is currently pending and will be scheduled soon. We will update this section when his family shares more details about the final services. Please use the comment section to send condolences to the loved ones of Victor Harper II.

May God let the departed soul rest easy and offer strength to his people in these tough times.

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