VonMar Thotboyz Death: Internet Prankster and “Put Em In The Coffin” Rapper, VonMar Thotboyz, Passed Away

The online community and the Chicago area are mourning the loss of a beloved personality, Delvon Irving, better known by his internet moniker, “Put Em In The Coffin.” Irving, who was an internet prankster and a member of the promising rap crew, VonMar Thotboyz, passed away unexpectedly due to a medical emergency. His sudden death has left his fans, friends, and family in shock, remembering him as a real man with a deep love for those close to him.

Who was Delvon Irving?

Delvon Irving was a charismatic internet celebrity who gained fame through his humorous and often outrageous pranks. Known widely as “Put Em In The Coffin,” Irving was more than just a prankster; he was a loved family man and friend, cherished by those who knew him personally. His antics may have been divisive, but there was no denying his ability to captivate an audience and create content that commanded attention.

VonMar Thotboyz Career

Irving’s career was unconventional, to say the least. He carved out a unique niche for himself on the internet, posting dozens of videos of his exploits on various platforms, including YouTube, Vine, and Facebook. His most recent antics garnered over 2.2 million views, reflecting his popularity and influence as an internet personality.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Irving was also a member of a promising local rap crew, VonMar Thotboyz. This added another dimension to his career, showcasing his diverse talents and interests.

Some of his most notorious pranks included ransacking a 7-Eleven on the Gold Coast on New Year’s Day, slapping the buttocks of an elderly man passing by, smoking a joint in a Subway, and dodging cab fares. While controversial, these pranks played a significant role in shaping his internet persona and establishing his celebrity status.

VonMar Thotboyz Death, Know more about his Cause of Death

Delvon Irving’s death was sudden and unexpected. Reports indicate that he died following a medical emergency. However, the specifics of this medical emergency have not been publicly disclosed at this time.

Kiwan Eason

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🗣️🤚🏽Broooo 🥲 I ain’t dare wanna ever have to make this post. We just lost a brother fr, My fuckin dawg, Mr #PutEmInaCoffin ⚰️ You a fucking legend g and the world 🌎 knows your name #Vonmar and we gonna keep it that way just know you fucked a lot of us up leaving all of a sudden especially me and Chris Carter 💔 sooooo many funny ass stories and memories you the reason why #Thotboyz had visuals u kept the name rocking and did this shit for Vaughan A Allison Jr. we stayed in the studio stayed running all the parties 🎉 I’m really fucked up over this gang We’lol nevvvvvaaaa be the same without you G‼️‼️🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽❤️❤️❤️ my condolences 💐 to the family, yo sister and mom….. yo daughter and yo son… we love you Brody #BIGOTB #VaWorld #VonmarFilms #ABF #THOTBOYZ4L #VaRozaeDonGucciTwoTimezKuGangRozaeVonWorld

VonMar Thotboyz Obituary

As the news of Irving’s death spread, tributes began to pour in from fans, friends, and family. Many remembered him as a man full of life and energy, with a unique ability to make people laugh through his pranks. Despite his online persona, those close to him remember him as a man who loved his family and friends deeply.

Irving’s death is undoubtedly a significant loss to the online community and the Chicago area. His vibrant personality and unique humor will be greatly missed. As we mourn his loss, we also celebrate his life, remembering the laughter and joy he brought to many through his videos and music.

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