What Happened to Donna Bee? British Woman Died After Severe Condition

Donna Bee, the owner of Bee-Weavible, died after battling for her life at the hospital for a couple of weeks. Netizens are concerned as to what happened to Donna Bee who underwent multiple surgeries but couldn’t survive. Here’s everything about her untimely and tragic passing.

Bee-Weavible is a mobile hair extensions business that creates Weaves, Bonds, and Tapes. It was founded by Donna Bee. Tributes have emerged for Donna Bee on social media coming from her friends and family members. A fundraiser was also launched to support her treatment.

Who was Donna Bee?

Donna Bee was a British woman who was the founder of the mobile hair extensions brand, Bee-Weavible. She completed her graduation in Beauty Therapy from Yale College Wrexham in 2012. Before that, she went to Ysgol Clywedog for her school education.

After completing her graduation, Donna Bee underwent training from the veteran hairstylist Weaven Steven. She founded her business Bee-Weavible in 2020. Since then, she established herself as one of the most skilled hair-dressers in and around London.

Donna Bee was a beautiful woman who was full of live. She always wore a contagious smile and positive energy. Whoever met her got her day made. She was always up for adventures, and good food, and loved spending time with her friends.

How did Donna Bee die?

Donna Bee, the founder of Bee-Weavible, died on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, in the hospital on the Spanish island of Mallorca’s capital Palma. She reportedly went there for vacation but met an unfortunate fate and was rushed to the medical facility.

According to the GoFundMe fundraiser launched for the late Donna Bee, she was in the hospital battling for life since September 04, 2023. Donna Bee went into surgery and suffered a heart attack during the operation. She also had an adverse reaction to the anesthetics.

Eventually, she suffered a cardiac arrest. She was put into an induced coma on life support as she also had severe brain damage. She was slowly being taken off medication. However, she passed away at around 10:25 British Time on Thursday.

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What Happened to Donna Bee?

Donna Bee died after suffering from several critical conditions including cardiac arrest, brain damage, and coma at a Spanish hospital. It’s not known what exactly happened with the British woman but her death was not natural. She was involved in an accident.

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The fundraiser launched for her states, “It’s really hard for us to go into details fully because a lot has happened and it will all go under investigation.” This proves that something happened to Donna Bee that led to her suffering injuries to the head and undergoing surgery.

According to the reports available online, Donna Bee fell from the sixth-floor of the hotel where she was staying with a person assumed to be her partner while on vacation. She was found fallen from a height near Hotel Bellver on September 4th.

After the incident, she was rushed to the hospital where she was immediately put into the ICU. The Police in Majorca said that the homicide unit will investigate the case. However, none of this is confirmed until someone from Donna’s family officially confirms this.

Donna Bee Obituary, Funeral, and Tributes

Numerous tributes have appeared on social media for the late Donna Bee who passed away tragically at a Spanish hospital. Friends and family members are sharing kind words for the late hair stylist whose last moments here were highly painful.

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An obituary is awaited for the late Donna Bee. The funeral is also pending. It’s not known where the final rites will take place as her dead body is currently in Palma, Mallorca. An investigation into her untimely death is going on and the police will have control over the corpse.

An autopsy will likely be performed and the body will be handed over to the family after that. This is a developing story. We’ll keep you posted with the latest updates. Our sincere condolences go to the loved ones of Donna Bee. May God let her rest in peace.

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