What is Moon Phase Soulmate Trend on TikTok? Viral Trend Explained

Are you intrigued by the recent TikTok trend around finding your soulmate using the moon phases? The concept might appear a little surreal, but it is backed up with science! This trend has had people flocking to create TikToks about what moon phase their significant other was born in, or even just speculating on connections between how couples match up. Let us guide you through this ancient astrological tool and show you how to do the moon phase soulmate trend yourself – no witchcraft tools necessary! Prepare yourselves for a deep dive into understanding one of life’s greatest mysteries: romance.

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What is moon phase soulmate trend on TikTok?

The Moon Phase Soulmate trend on TikTok has become increasingly popular over the past few weeks, and it involves using an individual’s birthdate to match with their partner’s. By overlaying the moon phase from their birthdate onto that of their partner’s, users can see how compatible they are. This trend is based off of the belief that the more similar two people’s moon phases are, the closer they will be as soulmates. 

To participate in this trend, users need to find out what phase the moon was in during each of their birthdays. Several websites offer a variety of tools for this purpose, allowing users to easily access information about past and future moons. People who follow this trend believe that if both moons align perfectly, or even close to perfect, then this is an indication that they are truly soulmates. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims and many use this trend simply as a fun activity with friends.

How to do the moon phase soulmate TikTok trend

Follow the simple steps below to access moon phase trend

  • To complete the moon phase soulmate TikTok trend, you’ll need to visit a website to find the two different images of the moon that correspond to your and your partner’s birthdays.
  • To do this, go to a website like moonphases.info, where you can enter in both birthdays and then tap the corresponding date on the calendar.
  • This will display an image of the moon phase for each day – screenshot these images and crop them to your liking.
  • You will also need to download the CapCut app from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Once downloaded, go on to TikTok and search for a video doing the soulmate trend using CapCut as its template.
  • Tap ‘CapCut Try this template’ then ‘Use the template in CapCut’ and select your two images of the moon phases from Photos.
  • Then edit any text needed before previewing it.
  • Finally, add some sound with Ti and share it with your family and friends!
Moonphase Solumate TikTok Trend Explained


  1. what is moon phase soulmate trend on TikTok

    Ans. In this trend individual match their birthdate with their partner’s. By overlaying the moon phase from their birthdate onto that of their partner’s, users can see how compatible they are.

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