The White Lotus’ Creator Explains Why [SPOILER] Died in the Finale, Reveals How the Death Was Foreshadowed

Season 2 of HBO’s breakthrough drama The White Lotus started with a dead body before panning back seven days to explain how we got here. The show’s creator, Mike White, discusses why he chose to murder the main character and decided who wasn’t going to make it out of Sicily. Without wasting time let’s find out who is in the body bag, and how did this happen!

**Spoiler Alert**

This article goes into great length on the White Lotus season 2 finale. Do yourself a favor and skip this article if you haven’t seen the single episode yet.

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The White Lotus Web Series

The White Lotus is an American comedy-drama anthology series created by Mike White. The second season of the show premiered on HBO and the story is set at a fictional White Lotus resort chain and shows the week’s activities of multiple staff members and visitors.

The show is a biting social satire that follows the adventure of multiple hotel guests and staff, whose unique deformities have an influence on their stay. It explores a week in the lives of numerous tourists as they unwind and refresh in peace.

There are parts that take a few seconds of your brain to process and then bang O.M.G, laugh out loud, funny. The White Lotus has a 7. 7 rating on IMDb and a critic score of 89 on Rotten Tomatoes.

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What Happened in Finale Episode

In order to inform viewers that someone they will meet at the HBO show’s resort dies, The White Lotus begins its second season with a dead body. The dead body belongs to Jennifer Coolidge’s beloved character Tanya. So what exactly happened to Tanya?

white lotus finale 1

Tanya portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge was stranded on a yacht attempting desperately to leave after realizing that Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his friends were planning to kill her. Tanya stole Niccolo’s gun in an epic moment, staggered out of the bedroom, and started shooting, and murdering Quentin and the majority of his friends.

Tanya was then left with the task of attempting to get off the yacht and return to The White Lotus hotel. She tried to climb into a boat, but ended up slipping, falling, and hurting her head.

Tanya drowned at the end of the season, and her body was the one that Daphne discovered in Episode 1. Everyone’s favorite character from The White Lotus has a devastating ending, and it makes us sad to know that Jennifer won’t be playing Tanya in Season 3.

Mike White Explanation

The White Lotus creator Mike White explains his decision to kill off the main character of the show, “Tanya is such a wonderful character that I was thinking it would be so much fun to have her back, but perhaps that is her trip—a journey toward death”.

Also, he mentioned, “In a documentary for HBO Max, Mike White commented. We’re traveling to Italy, Tanya is such a diva and a larger-than-life female archetype that it felt like we could come up with our own operatic ending to her life and narrative. However, I didn’t really want to kill her since I love her as a character and clearly love Jennifer.”


In the end, it turns out Tanya’s (Jennifer Coolidge) new friends were revealed to be in a lengthy deception involving in an attempt to kill her and take all her money, which her husband Greg was a part of. But, she ended up killing the men while aboard their yacht on the way back to the hotel Palermo.

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