Who Is Mass Shooter Andre Bing? Know Everything About Chesapeake Walmart Store Attack

Shockingly, another incident of senseless gun violence has been reported, a gunman has shot and killed multiple people in a Walmart store late Tuesday in the Chesapeake, US state of Virginia, police and city officials made this news public.

Keep reading to know more about this incident in brief, who is Andre Bing, how many victims are there, and a lot more!

Who is Andre Bing? Man Behind Mass Shooting At Chesapeake

Andre Bing, a 31-year-old, was the man behind the mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. He was the night shift manager in the superstore. He went out berserk (nobody knows what happened to him), and first shot a woman in the head and then shot another man in the head both dead.

Then, he entered the employee’s room and started firing at those inside the Sam’s Circle Walmart, located just off Battlefield Boulevard, at around 10.10 pm on Tuesday night. Before fatally shooting employees in the break room he then shot himself.

What Happened At Chesapeake Walmart Store?

A shooting incident happened at a Walmart store in the US state of Virginia, the official says, adding that the killer too is dead. A manager started shooting inside a Walmart superstore in Chesapeake, Virginia Tuesday night.

According to Chesapeake police, the suspect behind the mass shooting is now dead after he shot himself. The City of Chesapeake tweeted that police did confirm an active shooter incident with casualties at the Walmart on Sam’s circle.

How Many People Died in mass shooting?

The exact number of victims is not yet known, but according to Chesapeake Police Department, there is no more than 10 people have died in the mass shooting. All injured have been transported to the nearest hospitals.

To update the news, the next press conference will be held at 8 a.m. EST on Wednesday, November 23rd. As per reports, this is the 20th mass shooting incident in the state of Virginia in 2022.

Netizens Reaction

Michelle Wolf wrote on her Twitter handle and gave the update on this mass shooting, “A Chesapeake police spokesperson made very clear to us at this point they believe no more than 10 people have died. The shooter is now dead. Chesapeake police officers are walking through the Walmart supercenter checking for victims”.

Jon Dowding, a famous reporter tweeted, “#Breaking  I just arrived on scene at the Chesapeake Convention Centre where Chesapeake Police Department is asking for friends and families to come info on their loved ones”.

Brett Hall expressed his feelings saying, “Employees are gathering near the Samsclubwhere attendance is mostly being taken. When I talked with a nightshirt employee, he said, “thank goodness I showed up late.”

Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intel Committee, “Sickened by reports of yet another mass shooting, this time at a Walmart in Chesapeake. I’ll be monitoring developments closely. Also, I ask all of you in the community to listen to guidance from local police and stay away from the scene”.

Sen Louise Lucas wrote a heartfelt message, “I am absolutely heavy-hearted that America’s latest mass shooting took place in a Walmart in my district in Chesapeake, Virginia. She also mentioned I will not rest until we find the solutions to end this gun violence in our country that has taken so many lives”.

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We are praying for those impacted ones and their whole family members. Hope god blesses his soul and will give his family all the strength to get through this rough time.

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