Who was Billy Thomson? How Did Legendary Goalkeeper Billy Thomson Died?

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It’s with a heavy heart that we take the time to remember Dundee United legend Billy Thomson today, who tragically passed away at the age of 64. A former goalkeeper for Dundee United, and a prominent figure in Scottish football (soccer) history, Billy’s story is one that touched many people during his time on this earth. As everyone looked to try and make sense of his passing, the question on everybody’s lips was: How did he die? In this blog post, we’ll explore more about what caused his death as well as pay our respects to an incredible human being who gone too soon.

Who was Billy Thomson & what happened to him?

Billy Thomson was a beloved figure in Scottish football. He started his career as a goalkeeper in Partick Thistle and later played for St. Mirren, Dundee United.

Across his more than two decade-long career, he distinguished himself with his renowned agility and stoic attitude towards protecting the goal.

After making his first-team breakthrough at Partick Thistle in the late 70s, he made a lasting impression when St Mirren parted with £50k to bring him in from Thistle.

Perhaps inspired by their faith in him, Thomson went on to become an esteemed legend at St Mirren, cementing himself as premier goalkeeper vying for over 200 league appearances.

His time with the club ended in 1984 when manager Jim McLean tapped him to join Dundee United; where Thomson would come face-to-face with another iconic Scottish keeper Hamish McAlpine in a battle for first-choice keeper.

In the end, Thomson emerged victorious and remained the team’s mainstay in goal for over 230 appearances while helping United win multiple trophies and earning a place among their legacies.

Truly, Billy Thomson was a formidable figure between Scotland’s posts and to honor the late keeper, everyone from Dundee United conveys their condolences to his family.

Dundee United Shared their condolence on Twitter

Tributes by His Fan’s on Social Media:

Upon the news of Billy Thomson’s passing, fans of the many clubs he played for throughout his career took to social media to offer their thoughts and pay homage.

His memorable contribution to both Rangers and Partick Thistle kept him in many hearts, while those who recalled his stint with St Mirren celebrated his time spent in Scotland’s westernmost city.

Although his talent on the field was immense—exemplified by his ability to not only produce top-tier performances as a goalkeeper but help bring up Allan McGregor’s game—it was memories of Thomson off the pitch that appeared most vivid.

He seemed approachable and warm from all accounts, kindly remembered by all he encountered during his career and beyond.

Sadly, it is with heavy hearts that these beloved fans take the time to reflect on what a short yet meaningful tenure their hero had with them.

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