Will There Be Covid Lockdown in 2023? Here is what experts are saying

Concerns have been raised by the sudden increase in coronavirus cases around the world that we may again experience a rigorous lockdown to prevent a crisis similar to that in China. Government from all over the world has released an advisory against letting their guard down in the wake of a rapid surge in COVID-19 cases in China and numerous other nations around the world. There have been numerous rumors following that regarding the lockdown.Will there be Covid Lockdown in 2023?

Let’s take a close look and learn more about the current situation, and understand what experts say about the sudden surge in Coronavirus cases.

COVID BF.7 Variant Explained?

BF.7 is actually a shorthand, the name in full is BA. This is a sub-variant of the BA.5 variation of Omicron. Globally, Omicron’s BA.5 variation has the most cases that have been documented. The new variant of Covid19 i.e. BF.7 has had a significant impact on a number of nations throughout the world, including China, Japan, the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and other European nations like Belgium, Germany, France, and Denmark.

There were also other cases found in some Indian states also. In order to keep track of new variants, the WHO has asked all the countries to increase whole genome sequencing of COVID-positive samples. Additionally, in the last week, they assessed the COVID-19 situation throughout the world and gave instructions to officials to maintain vigilance and increase surveillance.

Current Situation in China? Latest Updates

The death toll has not yet been confirmed by the Chinese authorities. However, as cases continue to rise following the removal of restrictions earlier this month, the Chinese government has issued a warning about subsequent waves of COVID infections in the upcoming months.

This winter, three waves of COVID-19 spreading are foreseen in China because of the possibility that 10–30% of the population would be affected, according to an expert. The first of three waves of Covid infections expected this winter, according to top Chinese health experts, is currently occurring in China. Notably, after the harsh Covid restrictions were lifted earlier this month, China saw an increase in instances.

The world now appears to be relatively safer so far because of the scientific method taken by the state apparatus that has resulted in more than 5.47 billion people worldwide have received a Covid-19 vaccine, equal to about 71.3 percent of the world population being fully immunized against COVID-19, even as China battles with COVID-19 lockdowns and faces at yet another COVID-19 peak.

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Experts on Implementing Lockdown

An argument has been developing that we may be in a far better position than China to handle COVID-19 at this moment given the low positivity rate and the little increase in daily cases of the virus.

Some analysts disagree that the current COVID situation in the world justifies implementing a lockdown or limiting international flights. In light of the spike in instances in some nations, they emphasized the necessity of stepping up surveillance and vigilance.

According to another analyst, a “lockdown-like situation is not foreseen in near future given the present world scenario,” but considering the spike in COVID-19 cases in China and some other nations, people should use caution.

World Health Organization has issued a warning about a potential virus outbreak and urged all countries not to be less careful in the wake of a huge surge in COVID-19 cases in China and, multiple other nations across the world. The outbreak of the new variant of Covid has alarmed people that we might go under a strict lockdown again to prevent something from bad happening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any lockdown possibilities in 2023?

Reportedly, the number of Covid cases is unchanged, and things are good for the world right now. International travel restrictions or a lockdown are not necessary at this time, but, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on us. As the virus continues to spread, there is a possibility of a lockdown according to Dr. Tedros, Chairman of WHO (World Health Organization).

Should mask return to prevent Covid’s new variant?

Yes, wearing a face mask is one of the greatest ways to prevent the spread of the virus in the absence of vaccines or treatments.It can protect you from being infected with the new variant of COVID-19. Especially, residents of densely populated regions are strongly advised to use masks.

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