William Hines Death: A Revered Figure in New Zealand’s Gang World Passed Away

A significant chapter in New Zealand’s gang history came to a close with the passing of William Hines, also known as “Bird.” One of the most senior members of the Head Hunters motorcycle club, Bird’s influence permeated the gang landscape of New Zealand. His death on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, after years of ill health has left a void in the subculture he was a part of.

Who was William “Bird” Hines?

William Hines, better known as “Bird,” was a prominent figure in the New Zealand gang world. His position as one of the most senior members of the Head Hunters motorcycle club made him a revered figure. Bird’s influence extended beyond the confines of his gang; it resonated throughout the New Zealand gang landscape. His death has been mourned by many, and his funeral, known as a tangi, is expected to be the most extensive gang funeral ever witnessed in New Zealand.

William Hines Career: A Journey Through New Zealand’s Underworld

Bird’s career was marked by his deep involvement in the criminal underworld. As a key player in orchestrating a methamphetamine syndicate, Bird found himself embroiled in the darker side of crime. This involvement led to a hefty 17-year prison sentence. Despite this setback, Bird’s influence within the gang remained undiminished, and his return from prison was met with respect and reverence from his gang members.

The Struggle with Ill Health and the Cause of William Hines Death

Bird’s final years were marked by a prolonged struggle with ill health. The specifics of his illness have not been disclosed, but it is known that it was a battle he fought for several years. His death on November 21, 2023, was a result of this ongoing health battle.

William “Bird” Hines Obituary

William “Bird” Hines was more than just a senior member of the Head Hunters motorcycle club; he was a symbol of resilience and influence within New Zealand’s gang world. His life, marked by choices that led him down a complex path, is a testament to the intricate fabric of the subculture he was a part of.

His death has left a void that will be hard to fill. As family, friends, and fellow gang members prepare for his tangi, they remember Bird as a figure of respect and reverence. His legacy will live on in the annals of New Zealand’s gang history, marking him as an “OG” (Original Gangster) whose influence will continue to resonate.

While the narrative of Bird’s life was marked by crime and punishment, it was also a tale of loyalty, respect, and influence. As we bid farewell to William “Bird” Hines, we acknowledge the indelible mark he left on New Zealand’s gang landscape.

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