Willie Hernandez, Former American League MVP and Cy Young Award Winner has died

The world of baseball mourns the loss of an esteemed figure, Guillermo “Willie” Hernández Villanueva, who passed away on November 20, 2023. A former American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner, Hernandez’s contributions to the sport were profound and enduring.

Who was Willie Hernandez?

Willie Hernandez, born Guillermo Hernández Villanueva on November 14, 1954, in Aguada, Puerto Rico, was a distinguished baseball relief pitcher. After an illustrious career in baseball, Hernandez transitioned into managing a construction business and later operating a cattle ranch in his home country of Puerto Rico.

Willie Hernandez Career

Hernandez’s career in baseball was marked by many impressive feats. His most remarkable achievement was in 1984 when he won both the American League Cy Young Award and the American League Most Valuable Player Award. This dual recognition is a testament to Hernandez’s exceptional skills as a pitcher and his significant contribution to his team, the Detroit Tigers, whom he led to victory in the World Series that same year.

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BREAKING: Former American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner Willie Hernandez passed away yesterday. Hernandez won both awards in 1984 as closer for the World Champion Detroit Tigers, saving 32 games in an AL-leading 80 appearances with a 1.92 ERA. Hernandez pitched 13 seasons with the Cubs (1977-83), Phillies (1983), and Tigers (1984-89), posting a 70-63 record with 147 saves and a 3.38 ERA.Descansa en Paz, Guillermo. 🇵🇷Baseball-Reference.com

How Did Willie Hernandez Die?

Willie Hernandez passed away on Monday, November 20, 2023. The news of his death was announced the following day, leaving the sports community in shock and mourning. However, the specific circumstances surrounding his death have yet to be released.

What was the Cause of Willie Hernandez Death: Yet to Be Disclosed

At this time, the official cause of Hernandez’s death has not been made public. As we await further information, we remember him for his significant contributions to the sport of baseball and the impact he had on his teammates, fans, and the broader sports community.

Willie Hernandez Obituary

Willie Hernandez’s passing is a significant loss to the world of baseball. He was a remarkable player whose skills on the field and accomplishments throughout his career have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Hernandez was not only an exceptional athlete but also a committed individual off the field, managing a construction business and owning a cattle ranch in Puerto Rico after retiring from baseball.

As we mourn his passing, we also celebrate his life and legacy. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time. May Willie Hernandez’s soul rest in peace, and may his contributions to baseball continue to inspire future generations of athletes.

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