Yubo Suicide: A Person Committed Suicide While Live Streaming

In an unsettling development, a user of the French social networking app, Yubo, committed suicide while live-streaming on the platform. The incident, which occurred on Saturday night, has sparked a wave of concern about the safety measures in place on such platforms and the potential risks they pose to users, particularly the younger demographic.

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What is Yubo?

Yubo, formerly known as Yellow, is a French social networking software that was launched in 2015 by TWELVE software. The platform was designed with the aim of helping users “make new friends” and “build a sense of community.” It was created by Sacha Lazimi, Jérémie Aouate, and Arthur Patora while they were studying engineering at Télécom Paris and the CentraleSupélec Graduate School of the University of Paris-Saclay.

The app has witnessed significant growth since its inception, with over sixty million downloads reported by 2022. Despite its initial launch under the name Yellow, it was rebranded as Yubo to better align with the creators’ goal of facilitating communication between people worldwide who share mutual interests and providing a platform for online socialising.

Yubo Suicide, What Actually Happened?

On Saturday night, a user tragically took their own life while live-streaming on Yubo. According to reports, the user was pronounced dead following the incident. The tragedy was further compounded when the app’s server crashed due to multiple individuals attempting to view the video. This incident has raised serious concerns about the platform’s ability to monitor and manage content, especially potentially harmful or disturbing content.

Yubo’s Response and Future Plans

In response to this tragic event and prior incidents, Yubo has reiterated its stance against self-injury and suicide content. The platform has pledged to continue developing tools to meet these challenges and identify users at risk from self-harm or suicide. In December 2019, the app received $12.3 million (€11.2 million) in funding from a round led by French private equity firms such as Iris Capital, Idinvest Partners, Alven, Sweet Capital, and Village Global. The funds will be used to increase global access to the technology and its benefits.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for online platforms to implement robust safety measures to protect their users. As we navigate the digital age, it is imperative that we prioritize mental health and take steps to ensure that social media platforms are safe spaces for all users.

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