Zachary Latham Leaked Stabbing Video: Teenager Kills Neighbor William Durham for TikTok

A Florida teenager named Zachary Latham allegedly stabbed his neighbor William Durham to death as his partner Sarah Latham recorded the incident for TikTok. Read on to learn who is Zachary Latham, why did he kill William Durham, and watch the leaked stabbing video.

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The video allegedly showing Zachary Latham stabbing William Durham to death is going viral on TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Last week, Zachary was arrested for threatening a motorcyclist.

Who is Zachary Latham?

Zachary Latham is a teen boy from Vineland, New Jersey. He is also a content creator on TikTok along with his partner Sarah Latham. The two frequently posted short videos on social media platforms. However, Zachary is now getting famous for all the wrong reasons.

The police have accused Zachary Latham of stabbing his neighbor William Durham to death after a confrontation between the two. However, he was on the run but was caught Saturday at a traffic stop. Further investigation into the matter is now proceeding.

Zachary Latham Stabbed William Durham to Death

Zachary Latham, a Florida teenager who resides in Vineland, stabbed and killed his neighbor William T. Durham after a fight at his house. William was a 51-year-old married man who was also a father of two sons. He worked at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton as a corrections officer.

According to the reports, a verbal argument was going on between Zachary Latham and William Durham before it turned into a bloody brawl on Vineland Street. Footage of the incident was recorded by the security cams and shown to the New Jersey Advance Media.

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After killing William “Timmy” Durham Sr., Zachary Latham fled the area. However, he was busted in the Sunshine State on Saturday for reportedly flashing a BB airsoft gun during a confrontation with a driver near Meridian Center Park.

Why did Zachary Latham kill William Durham?

There are mixed theories available as to why Zachara Latham stabbed William Durham to death. A video allegedly showing Zachary Latham killing his neighbor also went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Viewers claim that it was recorded using well-placed cameras.

However, a lawyer for Zachary Latham claimed that his client acted in self-defense when Durham and his sons went on his property because of their long-standing feud.

The Durham family’s lawyer stated that they visited Latham’s house after multiple hostile encounters with him. In the ultimate one, Zachary tased and stabbed William before eventually killing him on the street.

In the latest legal statement, Durham’s attorney stated that they believe Zachary Latham stabbed Willaim Durham to death with the intention of recording the event and uploading the video on TikTok to become famous. They also claim that Sarah Latham recorded the act.

Due to this, they want first-degree murder charges on Zachary Latham instead of aggravated manslaughter charges which are currently imposed. The court is yet to respond to this legal statement.

Watch Zachary Latham Leaked Stabbing Viral Video

Video footage allegedly showing Zachary Latham stabbing his neighbor William Durham was leaked online and it went viral on TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If you have been looking for it, you can watch it below.

Warning: The video features extreme graphical scenes which may not be suitable for people with weak hearts. Only play it at your own risk.

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The disturbing clip shows two men indulging in a brawl on a street before the smaller one stabs the bigger one multiple times. If the incident was done to make a video to upload on TikTok, it’s a real shame for our society.

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